What Is DotDotDot?

What is “DotDotDot” […]?

“DotDotDot” is the idea that, as Two Wishful Writers, there is a lot of “stuff” we want to write about, and since we each want to finish our novels, screenplays, and survive on a meager living, we have to write out the extra clutter in our brain somewhere, so here it is. Here is all the “…” in between our successes and struggles.

All the “behind the scenes” of Two Wishful Writers in our ever-going process to become professional, distinguished, and dignified (maybe not so much) writers, will be spilled right here. We will write out our thoughts on the process, our tips and advice to other “Wishful Writers,” and probably vent A LOT about the difficulties we encounter as we trudge up the slope all starving artists.

So, as “dotdotdot” writers, we will let you into what it’s really like to make it as a writer. It’s definitely not a path we thought we’d take seriously, but here we are with our unique stories to share and we’re grateful you’re taking time to invest into a little bit of our lives. We are Two Wishful Writers and we will always continue to wish to be better writers in our own right. Read our story to see if we will make our wishes come true!

Who are the Two Wishful Writers?

We are simple, yet awesome, 20-something year olds from Texas with a common love for scary movies, pizza and ice cream, and of course writing. Lots and lots of writing. We’ve been friends for 10+ years and grew up together in church, youth group, and bonded over Sailor Moon and movie marathons while jamming our favorite music on car rides to our favorite discount book stores. While we live states apart now, we keep in touch and both have realized our hobby for writing is something we both want to see blossom into a career. We have our own styles, our own voice, and our genres we are interested in, but we encourage each other to push through the writer’s block, endure the rejection letters, and continue to love putting pen to paper until we make it.


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