Kara Howell

Sidelines No More

Wishful Writer One

I have my bachelor’s in English, Creative Writing, & Latin; a Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and still no full time job. I’ve had to fight off the self-doubt as I watch peers around me landing promotions, paying for their weddings, and even having their first child, and I sit at my parent’s kitchen table hoping that my turn for success is “just around the corner.”

Well, I’ve decided that “just around the corner” moment is now. I’m not saying we’re going to blow up the blog space with our humble little pieces, but I am saying that we’re more determined than ever to make a push to be career writers and we aren’t stopping until we get there!

Though September is upon us, it’s my turn to step up to bat and see what I can do. I’m sick and tired sitting on the sideline.

To give you a brief profile of my writing career as of late:

I am a bridal blog editor for The Posh Bridal Lounge in Texas. I write about everything weddings which is a perfect marriage (no pun intended) of my love for wedding related things and my passion for writing. I love my job, though it’s an unpaid situation at the moment, my hope is it will be a launch pad for my writing that will benefit me in the future. I am also learning quite a bit about independent entrepreneurship and have a new appreciation for people who start their own businesses. And in a lot of ways, as a writer, I’m very much like them.

I of course have the obligatory “in progress” novel. To be honest, I’ve struggled with quite a bit in the recent years. I had a small blip of inspiration late 2013, but since then, it feels like the child I’m neglecting and even now as I think about it, I feel like a neglectful parent. I hope to change that this year. This. Year.

I would love to be a script writer. Once I wrote my first play and I realized how well it did with peers, professors, and the public, I knew that’s what I wanted. I have been in a voice acting community for the past three years, though been inactive for 2013. I do some voice acting and singing here and there, but mainly, I get involved with script writing where my heart is.

So, that’s me and my writing at the moment! Hoping for more to come 🙂


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