Just Do It. My Preamble.

Well Nike sure claimed an incredible tagline for themselves – a simple call to action that is a mentality a lot of us creatives have to implement every day as we work the grind and still have energy to simply – just do it.

I think I must be in the minority of writers out there – I read a lot about people who were just so motivated and driven and yadda, yadda, that they just up and did what they loved to do – write. For me? I am as cautious as they come. I love my plans, routines, schedules, calendars, reminders – all those things that keep me in safe boundaries. I was that kid in school that never crossed the lines with my teachers or coaches. Only when it came to art and writing did I even dare stray from the course, but even then it was at the encouragement of my teachers who said “Color outside the lines!” and “Feel free to write more than the 500 word limit.” – It wasn’t necessarily because I was so impassioned I just HAD to do it – I just happen to have the ability to go a bit beyond what was asked, and even then I nervously put my work on the line knowing there were standards and rules I had to abide to for fear of failure.

All that said – it takes a lot for me to self-start.

And can I be honest? I find myself a bit depressed. Want to know why? Well, click here to get the full story. But if you want to skip the sobs, just know I’ve been in a bit of a rut for a few years, and I am slowly working my way out of it.

Because of the state of heart and mind I have found myself in, it’s all the more harder to just do it. To just write. And you may think, “Then you have no business, or right maybe, to pursue such a audacious and treacherous career path. They’ll [whoever they are] will chew you up and spit you out.” And maybe that will happen. All I know is that I do love writing. When I do write – not for an essay, article, or assignment – just write for my own benefit of getting out what I know and feel – I know I did a decent job. I know I have a good voice. I know that I can encourage other people who might feel depressed, unmotivated, and discouraged.

I want to write because I have a story worth sharing. It’s not terribly exciting, but not many of ours are action-movie worthy, but they do have messages, even subtle ones, that can teach lessons and lift spirits of those who are fortunate enough to read them. Share your stories with me, and I will share my stories with you.

With all that in mind, I invite you to join me in my story and stories I will share – along with my fellow Wishful Writer Two!

So, all there’s left to do now is to – Just Do It.


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