I Am a Writer

Wishful Writer Two


I may not be published.  I may not be ready to share most of what I write with the general public.  I may not even be willing to share most of it with trusted friends.  But I am a writer.  Why?  Because I write.  It is not every day.  I can sometimes go weeks without putting pen to paper (at least for my personal writing).  But I write.  And that makes me a writer.


I have been making up stories since I was two.  My mom used to come pick me up from Sunday School or Mother’s Day Out and the workers would ask about something I had told them and she would have to tell them that I was making it up.  Then she would tell me not to lie to people.  I don’t really remember this, but she says I always told her that I wasn’t lying.  I was telling a story I made up.  I apparently never intended for anyone to believe me.  But they did.


Since I learned to draw letters and use those letters to form words, and then sentences, I have been writing my stories instead of telling them to people.  It provides a creative outlet, as well as an emotional one.


I typically write murder mystery stories (though comedy and romance are not unheard of in my notebook), and that has been a great way to take out the frustrations of life.  When someone gets particularly annoying I kill them . . . in my writing.  Generally, it means I have a good laugh.

Writing is also a way for me to work through real life situations in a fictional world.  I can make decisions, have conversations, and express emotions without real world consequences.  Sometimes that is enough to get over whatever injustice I’ve recently been dealt.  Sometimes it is enough to give me the courage to confront whomever dealt it.  Either way I’m able to work through whatever is going on.


No matter what anyone ever says about me, no matter what is going on in my life, there is always this one aspect of myself about which I am completely certain.  I am a writer.  I may never be published.  I may never make any money off of it.  That isn’t the point.  The point is that it is something I love to do.  I will always love to do it.  Just like I will always love singing, playing my guitar, and knitting.  It is part of who I am.  And whether or not I ever have fans or make money, it is a part I am proud of.


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