Kara Howell

My Challenge To You Other Writers

When it comes to writing, I’d say I write 75% of the time for pleasure and a way to organize my thoughts, and 24% of the time is devote to actually crafting my skills and honing in goals to word toward. And the slim 1% of the time I may or may not use for actually doing what I plan to do to further my writing career.

Am I the only one? I read a lot of other blogs, and “How-To’s” on being a writer, and I admire them – or maybe YOU – if you’re that dedicated writer who blogs everyday, or even makes a blurb comment on some other major blog/forum – UGH I wish I was YOU. I wish I could just focus on making sure I exercise my writing muscles everyday and that the creative juices would just pump through me uncontrollably. I know, many of you say “Oh, Kara, it’s really not always like that.” But I guess I would like my creative bursts of inspiration to come more often than once in a blue moon.

And end rant.

My Challenge To You

Document how many times you get a “burst of inspiration” throughout the day, week, month – however long you want to keep up with it. Don’t necessarily write down or try to remember what those inspirational bursts were about, just how often does it come to you? How many times do you feel that itch and “I MUST GET ON MY LAPTOP NOW” feeling? Maybe you’re already aware of how often these moments hit you.

Keep up with it and take notice of when those moments come to you, why is it “that” moment you feel that urge to write?

Let me know what you find.

My Thoughts on My Process

I am always curious to hear what other writers’ processes are. I think because I am not always aware of my own, or even know what works for me, or even how I actually process at all! Maybe I am just trying to feel connected to some other writers who may even feel as clueless as me sometimes. I write here, I write there – I ghostwrite, I blog, I research – I do all these writing activities, but am still not even too sure of how I write, or why my own stories stay hidden in the corner, almost afraid to come into light.


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