The Inciting Incident

In working through NaNoWriMo I have now come to a wall.  I feel like all those people following Forrest Gump while he was running around the country when he stops running and says “I’m kinda tired.  i think I’ll go home now.”  They all stand there staring at him and say “What are we supposed to do?”  My book is Forrest Gump and the Inciting Incident, which is the only thing I knew when I started writing, is the stopping point.  Now I’m sitting here saying, “What am I supposed to do?”


Of course, I do actually know the answer.  I am supposed to keep writing.  I’m supposed to write and write and write even if nothing of consequence is coming out.  But when you don’t know where you’re going any more, or at the very least you have nothing to chase after, it’s very difficult to even move.


However, we are only half way through week 2.  There is still plenty of time for me to churn out the number of words I need to finish.  And the fact is that if I keep writing, eventually something will happen.  Eventually my characters, the people in my head, will tire of sitting around doing nothing and will decide to do something and drag me along again.  That is just fine.  I’d rather not work too much anyway, so if they would just do stuff that would be really helpful.


So, off I go. Instead of procrastinating, like I’m doing right now, I’m going to hunker down and actually write something that might, eventually, be worth reading.


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