Half Time Recap

Kara Howell

KEEP WRITING! Take that 20 minute locker room break, eat an actual meal, let your eyes rest, dare to venture out into the sunlight since you began your writing adventures with NaNo!

I am super excited for my compadre who has been dedicated to this triathlon for writers and I can’t wait to see her results! How are your writings going?

I had to admit – I am not participating as much as I wish had been, but it at least didn’t completely sneak out from under me this year. I am very aware of my writing and lack there of this month, but we all press on as writers year round. But major props to all your NaNo-ists, and best of luck.

Back up all your work on an external or cloud! We all know how that feels the moment you typed out 10,000 words only to have everything freeze and no auto-save – yikes.

For those few exclusive few who choose to read our humble little blog, EXTRA kudos to you and we send you all the best writing vibes and anit-writer’s block formula extra strength to ward off minor blocks, major blocks, and keeps you energized throughout the night. For a daytime prescription, leave a comment below and tell us about your writing adventures so far in NaNo!


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