Did She or Didn’t She – NaNo Results for WishfulWriterTwo

I DID!!!!!  And I didn’t.


Let me explain.  I honestly don’t remember if I mentioned my personal goal for NaNo this year or not (and I’m too lazy to go back and look).  I did NOT hit 50,000 words.  However, I DID get further than I have ever gotten with NaNo before, so I do consider it a success.  And I learned a lot about time management over the last month.  To be honest, I know why I didn’t hit it this year.  I am in school and I’m buying a house and I’m working 40 hours a week.  All of those things add up to not a lot of time to write.  However, I know that other people have just as much going on and still it 50,000 words.


BUT, and this is a big but, I am not going to put away what I’ve written because today is December 1st.  I’m actually going to keep writing.  I only got halfway there, but even though I’m still in school, still working 40 hours a week, and still buying a house (and will start moving in halfway through the month if everything goes well) I’m going to keep writing.  I’m going to keep writing and I’m going to finish the 50,000 words.  And then I’m going to edit it.


I’m already thinking about this thing I’m doing for the new year.  It’s 12 lists of 12 things for the year.  You can choose whatever list you want to do and you can fill it in ahead of time and check them off or fill them in as you go, but one of my lists is to query 12 publishers/agents.  In order to do that, I have to actually get the first draft of my book to go from “only the writer could love this” to “hey, this won’t make my friends’ eyes bleed anymore” to “this is vaguely fit for human consumption”.  I figure that last one is what most editors get anyway and they’ll help me get to “I am not embarrassed to claim this” at least before they send it out to the world.


Maybe I will get no where.  Maybe I’ll get a long list of rejections.  But I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately about planning and organizing and journaling (I was mainly getting ideas for the planner I’m setting up and the journal vlogs were linked and I was sucked into the YouTube vortex of doom) and one of the vloggers said something that really struck me.  She said that when all you do is sit and get sucked into the YouTube vortex of doom watching vlogs you are a voyeur.  You are watching other people live their lives instead of living your own.  And that is so true!  And it just struck me that she is completely right about that and if I am a wishful writer, I have to actually get published.


Yes, I am working towards a degree in English and I want to move on to get my Master’s.  I’ve always considered going into publishing and I honestly can’t see myself working my current job for the rest of my life.  It just isn’t what I want to do.  But I don’t NEED a degree in order to publish fiction.  All I NEED is a completed draft and persistence!


So, there you have it.  I’ll let you know when the draft is actually finished and how I feel about it.  But I’m moving towards being finished with it before the end of the year.