Showing Love for Writing

I.  Love.  Writing.  It doesn’t really show on a blog basis, but I really do write pretty much every single day.  Not always my novel . . .  But that is a story for another time.  😀  I journal basically every day because I love writing.  And the days I don’t journal, I do write fiction.  Again, not always my novel, but I do write and that is part of the battle with getting a novel written, right?


So, instead of getting down on myself for not writing more often or always being mad at myself for not meeting my writing goals or something like that, I’m going to try a new tactic for getting my novel written.  And this idea just came to me today, so I haven’t been doing it for the past two weeks or anything.  Anyway, the plan is to get back to loving writing and focusing on that instead of focusing on writing goals (word counts, pages, etc.).


I’m not going to totally do away with writing goals, because I think that without goals you have no motivation, but I’m going to focus more on how fresh and creative I feel when I write rather than “Did I hit my word count?”  I still want to write a first draft every month (I haven’t finished my NaNo2014 Novel yet, but I’m still working on it!) and to that end I do still have a goal of writing at least two hours every day and roughly 10,000 words per week.  But I’m going to focus more on the love of writing.  I think I have gotten far too caught up in being mad at myself for not being finished and in what MIGHT happen after I finish (i.e. getting published).


So, to kick off my new focus, I love writing because it means I can release all the emotions pent up inside me.  If I have a bad day, I can write a murder scene or a fight scene or even just a guy throwing a tantrum.  Then I purge those emotions and essentially have the tantrum without looking like a two year old.  (And I hope you all know I would never actually kill anyone, but I do write murder mysteries so the scene is convenient)  If I’m having a great day but can’t seem to find anyone to share it with, I can give my characters an awesome scene.  These people are like friends to me and I love being able to see them happy.  If I’m feeling lonely I can write about it, or I can just spend time with my characters.  Again, they are like real people to me.  That may sound kind of crazy, but they are and I’m less lonely when I’m spending time with them.


I love writing because the movement is familiar.  I’ve been forming letters for as long as I can remember and the very act is soothing.  Even if I’m not writing words.  Sometimes when I’m anxious, I literally sign my name over and over again simply because it is a familiar movement.


I think I’m making myself sound a little more crazy than I meant to.  Hopefully some of this actually does make sense to some people out there.  Writing is my love and my passion and I think I may have lost focus of that a bit.  I’m going to try to refocus and get back to that passion.