First Paycheck

Just a little celebratory post to congratulate myself for my first paycheck for a steady writing job. And this was only after 2 weeks! 😀 Hope to turn the heat up here on this gig!


first check

Kara Howell

The New Job

Wishful Writer One

To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about my new position as a staff writer for the business I work for. I like it fine, it isn’t demanding or difficult. I guess I just don’t feel connected. And I guess that is to be expected as the new kid on the block. Granted, I haven’t been as “there” as I wish I could be, mainly do to the fact it is a bit of a drive for me to make every day and I am trying to make my car and tank last as long as I can, especially with little income, I can’t afford a tank a week or a blown tire – or any extra maintenance.

I remain patient with myself, that I am sure I will adjust comfortably soon enough. I should bake food and bring it. I always feel better in a group when I provide some treats, and of course everyone loves the person who brings cake and cookies, right?

As far as the writing side of it goes – like I said, not too demanding or difficult. If anything, it’s a bit too easy, and bit too boring in some ways. I am very limited in what I can say and how I say it. It makes sense, it’s supposed to be one voice throughout the entirety of the business, I’m not complaining, but I do feel like I lose my personality in it all. I can write to parameters and take orders, but I am beginning to realize the difference between my academic voice, my business voice, and my creative-stream-of-conscious-all-over-the-place voice. There’s a time and place for all of them, and I am discovering I like my last voice best, and who wouldn’t?

If anything, I look at this position as a challenge to myself in conforming to a very specific way of writing. I’m not unaccustomed to this idea with academic writing, but with academic writing, I am giving a much bigger canvas of 2000 words +, and now I work with about a 10th of that space.

The joys of being a freelance/contractor – you have your style, but must do what your client/boss requires – that’s how it works. It’s good for me though, and it is in my portfolio, which I am able to build now with paid projects *excited squee.*

I will always do my best, regardless of my situation, and I will always look for the lessons in life, even if most are learned in retrospect. And this new job is the situation and the lessons being learned are still new, fresh, and have yet to be uncovered by my very near-sighted vision. Even if I never become besties with my co-workers, I will figure out my place there, and continue to be kind to everyone I meet, and strive for excellence in my work.