Two Wishful Writers

Wishful Writer One


Hello Fellow Wishful Writers and Readers!

I’m Kara and I am glad you stumbled across this humble site and onto this page! If you can’t tell, I am one of the “Two Wishful Writers” and aspire to have a full-fledged writing career with agents, publishers, movie-deals, autograph lines, and red carpet escorts! (Ok, maybe just the agents and publishers would be enough for me.) Ultimately, I’d happy to continue to write to my heart’s content, as long as, I have a mug of Zebra hot chocolate in hand, while I push through the writer’s block I so often encounter.

For me I hope this blog will serve as a log of all my ups and downs as a writer and will also benefit other writers into insights I’ve gained as I’ve pursued my writing career. With my partner in crime, I hope things will actually get done! Accountability on any project is key, and I am excited to undertake this endeavor with her! She’s been an encouragement and reality checker for me over the last 10+years, and I think as we venture into this uncertain territory that encouragement and reality check will be all the more needed!

I really want to give you – the Reader – and me – the writer – a good look into how writing careers take off (or strive to), and it won’t be a “10 Steps to be a writer” – it will be a sincere look into the lives of two girls (Wishful Writer One & Two) trying to figure it out together and hopefully, you, me, and Wishful Writer Two will learn from mistakes and celebrate with our victories!

Let us be a part of your life as well! Always share your own stories and writing, and then share about your successes and failures. Ultimately, I would love to see a community of young writers collaborate to build each other up and cheer each other to success – whatever that may be. Perhaps your writing goals are simply to write more for the love of writing more! Always feel free to open up and share secrets and trade ideas with us.

So, here’s to “DotDotDotWriters” and all of those who join us, as we burn the midnight oil writing out our beloved characters and give the perfect twist ending to our stories! May your writing always be from the heart!

Wishful Writers Two

When Wishful Writer One first mentioned starting this blog, I was stumped. Have I ever started a blog before? Of course! Have I had some fantastic imagining of what it could be and have it be something I could put on my writerly resume? Absolutely! Have I ever stuck with it long enough to make something of it? Not so much. But hey, maybe this time will be different! There are two of us, which means I know for a FACT that someone will be disappointed if I don’t meet my deadline. Also, if I’m having an off week, someone will be there to encourage and inspire me. (And, of course, I’ll do the same for her.)

We are two people working towards the same goal. To be professional writers. I will grant that we work differently. She is, currently, more on the blogging and the play writing. I’m a novelist. But every type of writing has a few things in common: creativity, basic grasp of whatever language you’re writing in, and discipline. The last is something I lack. I know this about myself and am working towards bettering myself in that area. To be honest, that is part of what attracted me to doing this blog. I can teach myself discipline more if someone is counting on me and that will translate to my novel as well (hopefully).

But all that is what I hope this blog will be for me. What I hope for it to be for readers is a glimpse into the real world of writing. Not that authors are dishonest in interviews, articles and blog posts, but we do tend to idolize them and many they times are talking about the process after the fact so it sounds much “cleaner” than it really was.

Plus, I have long maintained that there are two professions where it is not only permissible but practically required to be slightly insane: acting and writing. (In both professions you are, for all intents and purposes, playing pretend and getting paid for it.)

However, no one likes to talk about the fact that these characters are people to us. We aren’t so much making up the story as we are writing it down while the voices in our heads tell us what happened.

I guess what I want you, Reader, to get out of this is that you aren’t alone. We all flounder and give up and write nothing for days in our despair (at least nothing that we will ever admit came from our fingers). That’s what struggling writer’s do. Does it get easier? I’ll let you know when I find out. But part of me hopes not. Because the moment it starts getting easier is probably the moment the character you thought you killed 40,000 words ago suddenly jumps back up and bites you in the ass.


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